Why do we need an STP?

There are growing pressures on the health and care system, nationally and locally. The proportion of older people is rising and there are more people living with complex conditions. This is contributing to an increased demand for services. Overall across B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire the standard of health and care services is very good compared to other areas in England.

But some challenges remain.

Our hospital Accident &Emergency (A&E) departments are under pressure, in some areas patients are waiting too long for GP appointments and there are gaps in quality with some parts of our region benefiting from better health and care services than others. Additionally, there are increasing financial pressures.

Across all our local health organisations there was a collective end of year deficit of £6million for 2015/16 and this will rise to £337million at the end of 2021 across our combined area if we do nothing.

So we are working on a collective plan to drive greater efficiency and improvements in quality across the health and care system. For services to be sustainable, we also need to get better at preventing disease, not just treating it, and encourage everyone to take responsibility to manage their own care.

Our STP partners

Working together to transform services

The health and care needs of our local population across B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire are diverse and we are developing a joint approach that takes this local variation into account. Our joint work will not replace individual organisational plans or our B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire Health & Wellbeing Strategies. And it will not stop all the great work already going on locally to improve local services.

System priorities and deliverables for 2019/20

Banes, Swindon and Wiltshire STP is working together to jointly deliver the following priorities for the next twelve months:

Priority 1: Improving the Health & Wellbeing of our Population 

  • Increasing our focus on prevention  and reducing inequalities.
  • Taking a Life course approach
  • Health in all Policies
  • Making shared decision making with individuals regarding plans for their care the norm in BSW.
  • Supporting people to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing and seeking to involve the third sector and communities in the planning, provision and delivery of care.
  • Using initiatives such as Making Every Contact Count & 3 Conversations to offer a strengths based approach to care support.
  • Engaging with stakeholders and the public about our local vision for delivering the NHS Long Term Plan and agreeing early priorities.

Priority 2: Developing Sustainable Communities

  • Delivery of joined up efficient and effective primary, community and social care services, appropriately scaled.
  • Primary Care Networks community services and secondary care working together with an initial focus on managing frail individuals to maintain independence, reducing length of stay and preventing admission to hospital wherever appropriate.
  • Leveraging the efficiencies from this integrated approach to reduce care costs for all partners.

Priority 3: Sustainable secondary care services

  • Acute Hospitals Alliance partners working together to address capacity issues; specialties under pressure; back office services and co-designing care pathways.
  • Determining where it makes sense for specialist services to be commissioned locally as part of the care pathway redesign work.
  • Aim to utilise Acute hospitals to their full potential for elective care

Priority 4: Transforming care across BSW

  • Focusing on Mental Health, Maternity and Outpatient Services
  • Working with partners in BNSSG and AWP to agree plans for service reconfiguration and developing plans for transformation of our mental health services in BSW to ensure parity of esteem is equal to physical health.
  • Concluding our consultation regarding maternity services and implementing the Better Births plans.
  • Rethinking our approach to outpatients’ service to reflect the potential of technology and way in which the public wishes to receive care in the 21st Century and delivering ambitions set out within LTP

Priority 5: Creating strong networks of health and care professionals to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan and BSW’s operational plan

  • Reviewing our Leadership arrangements for all health and care professionals including social care colleagues to drive the development and implementation of BSW Five Year Strategy to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan.
  • Investing in leadership development, quality improvement methodology and workforce training to support service transformation.
  • All health and care professionals including social care colleagues working together across BSW to determine priority pathways for review.
  • All health and care professionals including social care colleagues leading the engagement on our long term plans.